Race Schedule

I will try to keep this updated as possible. Races will be added. You can donate to any 1 race or all of them. Every little bit counts!

All the races that I will be running in 2014 will appear here.

If I happen to be at a race that is close to you, I would love to see you out there. Whether it be a spectator or a participant, any and all support is definitely welcome and appreciated!

January: Prairie Dog Half Marathon, Lousiville, CO. January 19, 2014
Completed! 1:48:24 Race Recap.

February: Ralston Creek Half Marathon, Arvada, CO February 9, 2014
Completed! 1:49:27 Race Recap

March: Canyonlands Half Marathon, Moab, UT March 15, 2014
Completed! 1:43:01 (New PR) Race Recap

April: Platte River Half Marathon, Littleton, CO April 6, 2014
Completed 1:43:17 Race Recap

May: Famous Idaho Potato Marathon, Boise, ID May 17, 2014
Competed 4:07:11 (Marathon PR) Race Recap

June: Mickelson Trail Half Marathon, Deadwood, SD June 1, 2014
Completed 2:37 (Mom’s First Half) Race Recap

Bighorn Mountain Trail Run 30k, Sheridan, WY June 21, 2014
Completed 3:17:44 Race Recap

July: Skunk Hollow Sneaker Chase, Casper Mountain, WY, July 26, 2014
Complete 3:12:15 Race Recap

August: Leading Ladies Half Marathon, Spearfish, SD, August 17, 2014

September: Montana Half Marathon, Billing, MT September 21, 2014

October: Run Crazy Horse Half Marathon, Hill City, SD October 5, 2014

November: Rock N Roll Half Marathon, Las Vegas, NV November 16, 2014


(This list is subject to change)

As you can see I am still trying to fill out my race schedule! Please feel free to suggest races along the way! I’m not limited to 1 race a month either. 😉

  1. how cool Ashley!! love that you are doing this for a cause!!! you are an animal running out there, a cheetah – I hope that your body will be strong and support your mental strength throughout the year!! here’s to you, you wonderful woman!! I’ll of course do the next Run Crazy Horse half and I may look into the Thayne, WY one also… you will be traveling lots!!! how exciting!

  2. Awesome idea Ashley. I’m currently with the FS out in the Boise National Forest and would run with you in your Boise race. I’ll keep following your blog with interest as I love to run just for fun.

  3. Ashe I think your going to see a big up tick in followers, like and hopefully support. I look forward to meeting you here in Moab soon.

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