Las Vegas Rock ‘N’ Roll Expo and 5k

Last month I was in Las Vegas to run the half marathon that they offer.

It was a whirlwind weekend.

We were headed to Denver Friday to fly out to Vegas that night.


A very uneventful flight. I was ancy to get to Vegas. We landed safe and sound.


The cab ride to the hotel was probably more nerve racking than the flight.

We made it to the hotel and settled in for the night. We walked around the casinos and met up with the other part of our group that was running the race.

We crawled into bed about 1100 pm.

We were up around 8ish the next morning. Dad, the hubs and I were all running the 5k Saturday night. But we had to go to the expo that morning and pick up all of our packets.




There was a line into the expo, but as soon as the expo actually opened everything went really quickly.




The expo was HUGE. There was so much stuff going on. It was fun to experience, but secretly I really like my small local races. 🙂

The hubs and I came around this corner and saw a line of people and I thought I wonder what that’s for. Then I saw the sign and knew we needed to stand in this line!


I was so excited. Then one of the ladies came towards the end of the line and said Meb was on a schedule and there was no guarantee that we would get to the front. I was bummed, but didn’t give up hope and the line moved really quickly and pretty soon I was standing next to Meb!



Super nice guy! Super cool to meet him!

After the expo we got some lunch at Rainforest Cafe. Of course I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to see a giant fish tank!


I love this picture…it looks like the fish is kissing me.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and took quick naps and then it was off the the 5k!




We ran a little loop around area of Circus Circus.

It was neat to see all the costumes and people just having fun with this race. A lot of Elvis people and super heros.







The hubs and I were in the same starting corral. As we toed the start line guess who jumped in again?!



I ran like the first couple of steps with him! Then we were off. Aron and I ran this race together. It was fun to just look around at the bright lights and be goofy with him. We took videos while running and just had fun with it. We even managed to negative split the race. He’ll tell you he beat me…at the finish…but only because I let him. 😉


One race down. One to go.




Somewhere along the course I apparently ran through area 51. I was glowing like crazy!

We went back to the motel and changed into dry clothes. Aron and I hit up the roller coaster at New York New York and gambled a little at our favorite Deal or No Deal game.

We were back tucked into bed around 1130 pm.

I was just hoping for a good nights rest.

I’ll be back later with a recap of the half marathon on Sunday night!


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  1. This event, in 2013, was my first half-marathon. It was magical to have the opportunity to run ON the STRIP!

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