Running for the Fallen – December Edition

Hiddy Ho!

I know. I know. I haven’t recapped Vegas yet. I promise I will get there.

But first! I race this Saturday. My last one of the year. Oh geez.

This year has been full of victories and defeats (mostly victories though).

I have accomplished a lot this year, all the while doing it for something I am very passionate about.

Two Little Feet doesn’t stop in 2014. I just have to figure out where Two Little Feet continues towards in the future. Anyone have any ideas?

This Saturday we’ll be headed to Colorado once again for the last race of the season.

I will have two names carried with me this month.

Token Adams


Token was killed last year in August in an ATV accident while searching for a fire on the Santa Fe National Forest.

Jeff Atkinson


Jeffie has been a part of my life longer than I can remember. He was like the big brother I never had. Jeff worked at the BLM with my mom and dad when they started their careers. He was always there to help remember my uncle. Jeffie made the switch to city fire and work for the Casper Fire Department for a number of years. For the last 2 years, Jeffie had fought a very courageous battle with cancer. We lost Jeffie in September of this year. He has been behind Two Little Feet since the day it was born. He would always send me texts and tell me to “keep running.” Jeffie has been on my mind for every race since he passed away. I knew that I needed to carry him on my back this race since he has been such a huge support.

Jeffie we are all still fighting! I know you’ll be with me every step of the way on Saturday, and I’m sure you’ll throw in some of your humor just to make sure that I know you’re right there!

This may be the last race of 2014. But Two Little Feet will go on in 2015. Please consider donating to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation!!


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