Mickelson Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

I love race weekends, but really hate them. They just go by so fast and I never feel refreshed coming back to work on Monday.

My mom and I ran the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon this past weekend in Deadwood, SD.

I ran this race last year and thought this would be the perfect race for my mom’s first half since its on a gravel/sandy trail most of the way and its a heavily downhill course.

I left Rawlins on Friday night. If you would believe it I was out of here a little later than normal because we got a few new IAs. Nothing major, but nice to have some activity.

Made it to Casper and crashed at my sister’s house for the night. Then, her and I were up nice and early for the trip to Gillette to meet up with Mom, Dad and the hubs.

Once, we met up with them we had an hour and a half drive to Deadwood.

We had no problem picking up our bibs and then it was off to downtown Deadwood to gamble all our money away.

Since last years disaster of getting food was fresh in our minds we made sure that we were on top of it this time around and were sitting down to eat dinner by 5 that night.

We were tucked into bed nicely by 9 with our gear ready to go.

We didn’t have to ride the buses to the start, thankfully. It was really a breeze getting up to the start.

We drove through an absolute downpour and I was suddenly concerned I was not prepared for the day.

The farther we drove up the hill the rain disappeared. Thankfully. I knew the rain was a sure sign from the guys that they were there with us.




We hung out at the truck for a little bit before making our way to the start. We had about 15 minutes to go before the start and we left all our warm clothes in the truck. I was doing ok until we stopped moving around then I started to shiver pretty bad. Then again, the Granite Mountain guys made their presence known and the sun broke through the clouds. It was so nice and warm. The skies began to clear off and I was certain we would be able to finish this thing without the threat of rain.



We were headed down the trail at 8 o’clock!

I told my mom I would run this whole race, from start to finish with her. It was so cool to get to experience all of this with her! It was her first half marathon and every step after mile 12 would be a personal distance record for her.



Within the first mile we got to see Eddie, Dad and Aron all cheering for us. Its always a good boost when you see your own cheerleaders along the course.

The Deadwood trail is absolutely gorgeous! It winds through the hills and gives you some pretty spectacular views of the Black Hills National Forest.


I knew there was a hill at mile 5ish and I warned Mom to eat a gel before getting to the hill so it would have time to get through her system and help her up the hill. I also wanted her to get something in her system so she didn’t feel completely zapped after the long hill.


Of course I had fun with this race since I carried Mom’s phone the whole way!


Mom was strong the whole stinking way! Of course towards the later miles she felt slight discomfort, but said that it hurt less when she ran so we just kept on running.

We came upon mile 10 and I told her we only had a 5k left to go and her response was “I don’t know if I can make it.” Right after that it started to lightly sprinkle on us and then grew to a little more steady rain. My immediate response back to her was, “this is just the boys telling you to get on your pony and finish this thing. You aren’t alone. They’re here.” She giggled and said, “that’s a little hotshot humor for ya.”

The miles 10-12 were probably the toughest mentally, but after we hit that last aid station we were flying into town and ready to finish this thing!

I knew that family members were waiting for us at mile 13 ish.




Mom was smiling ear to ear as we inched closer to that finish line. We were going to finish this thing!

We ran into the finishing chute with our hands and heads held high!

I was so proud of my mom! I’m sure she was happy to be done.

For her first half marathon she finished with a time of 2:37:30.

Thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes the days leading up and even during the run.

Thank you to the Granite Mountain guys for showing me that they were with us the whole way and never gave up on us!


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