Running for the Fallen – June Edition

June is set to be my busiest month for running this year.

I have 2 races scheduled 3 weeks apart.

My first one comes on June 1st in Deadwood, SD.

The second ones comes June 21st right in my backyard of the Bighorns.

It just worked out perfectly to have two races in June.

At the end of June it will be 1 year since we lost the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots on Yarnell Hill.

I know the 19 guys will be with me when I toe the line of both races.

Last year in July, I ran my first trail race. It was a 16 miler on Casper Mountain and I was terrified to say the least. I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

On the drive down to Casper we rode our motorcycle and you don’t really have too many conversations while you’re riding a motorcycle on the interstate. So I had a lot of time in my own mind.

It had literally only been a few weeks since we laid the guys to rest. I thought a lot about them. I prayed to them a lot on the way down. Just to let me have fun and to let me learn from it all. I prayed that they be there with me when times got tough, because I knew damn well it was going to be tough. I prayed that they give me the strength that I needed when I wanted to quit. I just wanted every single one of them right there next to me when I crossed that starting line and again when I crossed the finish line.

We went to bed that night and got up the next morning to drive up the mountain. I, again, just asked for their protection, guidance, strength, and toughness as I ran this race.

Those 19 guys were with me for all 16 miles that day. I felt them when I was at my lowest on the course and I felt them when I was at my highest accepting my award for 1st place female of my age group.

I was second overall female that day. Only 2nd to the high school track coach who was truly a beast!

I am extremely excited to have the chance to honor those 19 men.

I will run for 9 on June 1st and I will run for the other 10 on June 21st.

It doesn’t matter which race I am running I know all 19 will be right there with me for both races.

The race a week from today is also pretty special because I will run this race with my mom. She made the mistake of telling me that she wanted to run a half marathon once in her life. Before she could change her mind we had her signed up! She’s been training her little booty off and she’s ready to go. I’m excited to be with her every step of the way!

My honorees are as follows.

June 1st:

Andrew Ashcraft
Robert Caldwell
Travis Carter
Dustin Deford
Chistopher MacKenzie
Eric Marsh
Grant McKee
Sean Misner
Scott Norris
Wade Parker

June 21st:

John Percin
Anthony Rose
Jesse Steed
Joe Thurston
Travis Turbyfill
William Warneke
Clayton Whitted
Kevin Woyjeck
Garret Zuppiger

19-granite-mountain-hotshots (1)


Please think about donating in honor in any of these 19 men.

Please pray for their families to continue to heal from the loss of their loved one.


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  1. Claire Caldwell

    This is awesome to read. These guys really were and still are amazingly strong, courageous and inspiring. Robert is my husband and I’m glad to hear that he and his crew have made such an impact on people and how much they inspire you. It makes me happy and I know that it makes them smile all the way up in heaven.

    • Claire–this makes my heart so happy to hear from a family member. My main mission of Two Little Feet is to never let a fallen firefighter be forgotten. Thank you for your kind words.

    • Cassidy Steed

      You always right the kindest responses Claire. Virtual hugs to you.

  2. Cassidy Steed

    Thanks for honoring them. Jesse was my brother and man could that guy run! We also honor them with our running team called 19+1. I did my first full marathon in January. Jesse ran the same race back in 2011.

    • Cassidy! Its a pleasure hearing from you! Its truly my pleasure to run for these guys. I continue to pray for all of you for healing and strength. It makes my day be able to honor such great men. 🙂

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