Homerun for the Homeless 5k

This last weekend was pretty full of excitement.

But no long run was necessary.

You see, I run my first FULL marathon THIS Saturday!

Am I nervous?


Am I scared?


Am I excited?


Do I feel emotional?


Am I ready?

You bet your sweet ass I am!

There has been some change occurring in the world of Two Little Feet, AKA me.

I recently took a job in Rawlins, WY with the BLM. I will be a dispatcher in the wildland fire dispatch office. This is beyond exciting for me! I’m excited to be entering back into fire. I have worked in dispatch on and off since I was 16, and I am so ready to be back in fire.

The hubs and I spent the last week getting my new “home” ready for the trip to Rawlins.


Since I will only be in Rawlins for summer months we decided that this was the best option, and a good learning experience for me.


Once I was all setup in my new quarters it was off to Denver for us for the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning.

We were signed up for the 5k that the Colorado Rockies put on Mother’s Day.

The cool thing about this race (besides it being on Mother’s Day) is that you finish with a lap around the warning track on Coors Field.

Unfortunately that lap around the warning track only happens with the weather is nice. Colorado (and Wyoming) weather had a minor meltdown and decided that it needed to snow again.

It was snowing, sleeting, raining, and windy.


The temperature was hovering right around 40*, but it was super wet and soggy.


Luckily we were only running 3.1 miles and it was over before I barely even got warmed up. I was soaked from the outside in from all the moisture in the air.

It was nice to take it easy. I didn’t want to burnout the legs too much with the marathon coming up on Saturday.

After the race we showered and were on the road for home. The roads were fairly favorable with some hit or miss drifts in Wyoming. We made it home at a decent hour.

We were greeted by the pups and had enough time to relax a few hours.

Now, time to focus on the task that comes at the end of the week.

Here’s to nothing!

There is (as always) still time to donate!

I hope to see some of you out there on Saturday! Whether it be the 5k, 10k, half or running the full! Be sure to get a hold of me so I can look for you!


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