The last one.

I am in taper mode now.

This morning I headed out for my last long run. Thankfully I had a running buddy this morning to keep me accountable.

I had every intention of running yesterday morning.

I woke up and fueled.

I dressed to head out.

Then I stepped outside. Overcast. A cooler 40*. I was dressed for the weather, but was immediately cold.

I thought that I would give it a little bit and see if it cleared or warmed up any.

Neither happened. So I bagged my run.

But immediately rescheduled it for this morning with hopes of having better weather.

I even managed to rope a friend, who ran a tough half marathon course on Saturday, into running the whole thing with me.

If it wasn’t for said friend, I don’t know that I would have ran again today. It was the same as yesterday. Cool and overcast. Actually pretty perfect running weather.

So we were out the door at 8 am sharp with 16 miles scheduled.

After last weekends iffy 21 miles, I was eager to see how I felt after these 16.

We managed to get 16 done with no major issues. I felt like I could have done another 10 miles if I had to.

Again, my confidence feels on the higher end. Tomorrow may be a different story.

I just have some shorter mild runs this week and next week to keep my legs awake and alive.

We are on the final countdown to THE marathon.


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