Finding that Marathon Confidence

My first full marathon is in 2 weeks, 4 days, 11 hours, and 12 minutes (at the time of this post), but whose counting?

When I first started running half marathons, I would get to mile 12 and wonder how people could still run 14 more miles. I was shot after 13.1. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of running 26.2.

With your body getting better with marathon training, the mind does also.

These past couple of halfs I have felt like I could run another half to make a full marathon.

I go back and forth with my confidence though.

2 weeks ago I ran an 18 mile training run and I was super excited with where my pace was. I know I didn’t feel all that great, but I really felt like finishing a marathon was totally possible.

Last Saturday I ran a 21 mile training run. The longest one I have ever ran. I’ve ran a couple 18 milers, but never more.

I had plans to meet a friend that morning to join me for a few miles. She has always been faster than me and I knew that I may start these miles a little too fast for my ideal marathon pace, but I was too excited to really care.

I woke up Saturday morning nervous. Like race day nervous. I really didn’t know how it was going to go. I wanted to hit a certain time, and I also wanted to test my fueling strategy. I was anxious to see if I felt any different after 21 as I did after 18.

We were off right at 8 am. Weather was perfect. Just a slight chill, but it was actually perfect running weather.

She joined me for the first 8.5 ish before she peeled off and headed home. I was back at the truck at 11 miles. I was thrilled with those 11. I refilled my water bottle and headed out for my last 10. Everything was going well. I was feeling great. Legs were beginning to tire, but I wasn’t really slowing down any.

Then I hit mile 15-16 ish and got the side stitch from hell. Usually I can walk and it goes away, but this bad boy plagued me for the last 5 miles. At one point I began to cry. I was so frustrated with it. I didn’t know what was causing it. I didn’t know what to do to make it go away. I stretched. I breathed deeply. I pushed on it. It was just testing my every step.

I still don’t know what brought it on. I haven’t ever had one that bad. It could have been any number of things, and I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen come race day.

I did manage to finish my 21 with my head held high. I fought with my inner demons for long enough and I decided that I just needed to be excited with my accomplishments.

I know I will finish this marathon. That will be my goal for the first one. I can always worry about improving my time (and qualifying for Boston) later.

I know that I will have the guys on my back carrying me through the pain and the joys of this journey.

Keep a eye out for the May Edition. It will be out later this week!

Thank you for the continued support!


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