Platte River Half Marathon

Okay Okay.

I’ve been a little busy this week. Missing work on Monday has totally thrown me off all week.

Race day was Sunday morning…so let’s go visit that.

I woke up around 545. We had about a 20 minute drive to get to the start line. We were pulling out of the motel parking lot around 630. We were making our way to the start line at 7ish. Parking was a slight cluster, but had no issues finding a spot close. As we pulled into the parking lot we saw Julia and I hopped out to get with her.

We walked over to the gear bag truck so she could drop it off and then we jogged around a little bit and warmed up.


I absolutely loved sharing this whole morning with Julia! It was so cool to spend time directly with a family member of the fallen I was honoring! We were in this together. It wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about her. It was about Anne who we were carrying on our backs that morning.

Mile 1: 7:33

Since I had started this race with Julia I was near the starting line. I knew this could potentially bite me in the butt since all those people who super speedy, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I had my whole family at this race too.

Even my sister made her first appearance at a race. Surprisingly I didn’t see my family after the start.

The first 2 miles were looped around the neighborhood. They absolutely flew by!

Julia was gone with in the first 0.25 of a mile. I knew she was going to rock this race. I was excited to see what she was going to do.

Mile 2: 7:34

This was the last time I got to see my family until the end. I missed the aid station because I was too excited to see them! I was still in the “too fast for me” group, but I was just trying to hold on.


Mile 3: 7:33

I was just trying to make it to mile 4. I knew there would be an aid station. I was desperate for water. I should have known here that this race was going to be a battle to the finish.

Mile 4: 7:36

I was never happier to see an aid station and get some water. After I took a swig of water I almost wished I hadn’t. I immediately felt like I was going to throw up. Not a very good feeling.

Mile 5: 7:36

This race was also a relay and the exchange points were mile 5 and 10. I had totally forgotten about the relay and wondered why all these people were hanging around at mile 5. Although it was nice to get some cheering. Once I realized what it was I was immediately excited for mile 10 to come.

Mile 6: 7:38

I was still feeling pretty ok at this point. I knew I was almost half way and usually the last half goes by much quicker than the first.

This whole race was on a narrow bike path along the river. Even though the elevation profile showed lower elevation at the finish than at the start it was actually deceiving. There was uphills and downhills from going over bridges and under bridges.

Mile 7: 7:49 Mile 8: 7:48

Fairly uneventful. Although I started losing steam about mile 8. I was starting to just feel completely exhausted. I didn’t really ache I was just tired.

I started repeating to myself. “You aren’t doing this for you. You are doing this for Anne. Remember why you are running. Remember who you are running for.” That gave me the strength to keep moving forward.

Mile 9: 8:06

I was just happy to keep similar speed to the previous mile. I felt like I was slowing down tremendously.

Mile 10: 8:05

My calves were officially giving up on me. I walked through the aid station and took a good 30 seconds to gather my thoughts and then get back on my horse. I knew there was still a hill to climb, but no sense in worrying about it for the next 2 miles.

Mile 11: 8:12 Mile 12: 8:12

I was just praying that Anne would some how pick me up and drop me off on the other side of the hill. My legs were on fire. I was exhausted. I was losing steam.

Mile 13: 8:34

Right after the aid station at mile 12, you get off the path and turn a corner and have this nice looking hill right in your face. I could see people already walking up it. I knew that wasn’t an option for me. I had to dig deep. My first thought was “are you serious?” Once I started on the hill I actually didn’t mind it. Just kept pushing up the hill.

Once I reached the top I could see the finish line area through the buildings. All that was left was down the hill and into the finishing chute.

Mile (13) .15: 58.17 (6:24 pace)

We had no game plan on the finish area so I immediately started looking for my family. Luckily they had the sign out and I could see it. I smiled and waved. I could also see the finish line clocked ticking by. 1:43:10…1:43:11…1:43:12. Damn.

There was a group of  3 guys and a girl that were right in front of me, and Julia’s friends had a sign that said “Beat a girl.” That’s exactly what I did. I felt good on my kick. It might have been because I could no longer feel me legs at this point, but by golly I beat that group of 4. I felt disappointed when I crossed that finish line. I wanted to go sub 1:43. I know I had it in me, but some days running is a humbling experience. Its not always PRs and fast races. Sometimes the biggest wins come from the desire of wanting to quit and give up but you keep going anyways.

The weather was absolutely perfect for running. I collected my medal and hobbled through the finishing chute looking for my family. I just wanted to sit down, but I was totally afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back up.

Overall: 1:43:17
273/1965 for the half marathon
86/1179 for women
18/171 for F25-29

I’m still happy with a top 20 finish in my age group.

Of course, Julia smoked the course! She was aiming to go 1:25.
She finished 1:26:29.
45/1965 overall
7/1179 women
1/85 F20-23

20140406_092721_11 20140406_092721_16

Thank you again for the support and kind words! It means the world to me.

Next up comes the marathon (dun dun dunnnn).


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