Marathon Training Week 11

Its RACE week!


I’m wishing it was Thursday already. I’m ready to start the traveling. I’m excited to get to Moab. I’m excited to race!

Last week was an awesome week of training. Even though I did feel stiff a few days throughout the week, my Saturday long run was spot on.

I hit 45 miles last week. That’s the most miles I’ve ever hit in a week. And I’m happy to see that my body seems to be doing really well with it.

This week I am suppose to hit close to 46 miles, but with it being race week I doubt I will see that number. I won’t do anything too crazy with my runs either. Nothing out of the ordinary or new.

I can’t believe that in 9 weeks I’ll be running (and finishing) my first marathon.

When I got done with my 14 miles this weekend I thought, “Wow only another 3 miles and I would be at 17 for a long run. And only another 12 and I would be at a full marathon.” I walked away feeling more confidence growing.

We are under another winter weather advisory and we’re suppose to be getting 2-6″ of snow tonight. Its suppose to start raining around 5pm. I’m just hoping that I can get home fast enough tonight and get out to door to beat the rain for the majority of my run.

But it does look like I’ll be on the treadmill again tomorrow. I’m already counting on it.

Here’s what the week’s training looks like.

Monday: 75 minutes. Suppose to be hilly, but I’ll probably just run around the neighborhood that has gentle rolling hills.

Tuesday: 70 minutes easy. Strength.

Wednesday: 75 minutes. Suppose to be intervals, but I’ll probably end up doing more of a tempo.

Thursday: 45 minutes easy. We are leaving to go to my parents after we both get off work so this run may or may not happen.

Friday: Traveling all day.

Saturday: Canyonlands Half Marathon!

moabFrom Moab Half Marathon Facebook page

Sunday: Travel home.

Its going to be a whirlwind weekend.

I’m ready for it!

Have a fabulous week!


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