it IS possible

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.

We’ve had some pretty spectacular weather around my neck of the woods this weekend.

Friday night Aron and I had a date night. We went to the high school musical of Grease. Super cute show.

Saturday I had hopes of hitting 14 miles. The weather was super favorable for a run outside. Mid 40s. Sunny. Slight breeze.

We slept in…well for us sleeping in. I wasn’t in that big of a hurry to get out and get my run done to terribly early. When I went outside I saw clear blue skies. I finally started eating my pre-run food around 11. I was out the door by 1145.

I was going to do 4 loops around my neighborhood to get all my miles in. This way I didn’t have to carry water and if things went sour I wasn’t far from home. I wasn’t expecting them to go sour.

The first 2 loops were 4 miles with the first 3 miles of the loops being into a headwind. I was immediately frustrated, but then kept telling myself that Moab could very well throw these same conditions at me next weekend. After the first loop though I hardly noticed it. The 4th and 8th mile were my second and third fastest miles of the day. My fastest mile of the day was surprising my 11th mile.

I started the day off in a light long sleeve shirt with a tank top under it. I felt chilled the whole first loop, but then at the end of the second loop I had officially started to over heat and ditched the long sleeve at home.

I was so happy to be running in shorts and a tank top again!


After the second loop I broke the last 6 miles down into two 3 mile loops. I came home and grabbed Twogs and took her. I told Aron to be ready in 25 minutes because I was going to come back for him, Jaggar and Sibley for my last 3 miles.


I was hoping to hit 14 miles in under 2 hours. The last time I ran 14 miles (which was last summer) I was just over 2 hours by about 4 minutes. I knew weather was in my favor this time (much cooler). I also know my endurance is much better than it was.

I was also curious to see where I hit a half marathon at. I crossed 13.1 miles at 1:46:xx. 1 freaking 46! I am so close.

It IS possible.

I am almost to that sub 1:45. And its only March.

This weekend’s race in Moab is going to be EPIC!

I’m feeling confident. I’m feeling excited for race day!

I stuck with Aron and Jaggar for about 0.25 of a mile of my last 3 miles before I took off. I heard Aron say to Jaggar “and just think bud…she’s already ran like 11 miles.” Yes, honey, I had already ran 11+ miles. Sibley and I took off and enjoyed the last 3 miles of the run together.

I finished just over 14 miles in 1:55.

Not only did this run give me confidence for this next race, but also for my marathon in May. Hopeful that there will be more epic weekends of racing ahead of us.

We had to go do some doctoring to one of the horses today. We came back to town and started doing some spring cleaning around the yard today, but other than those two exciting things its been a day or relaxation around here today.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at the March Edition and think about donating in honor of the guys this weekend!


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  1. Wow, sounds like a great run!!! Awesome job!!! You should be very happy!! 🙂

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