Marathon Training Week 10

I’m happy to see March.

Up here March came in like a lion, so maybe that means spring is on its way.

I’m pretty happy to see February go actually. I struggled with training. I struggled to get my head around it all.

But today I feel ready to go. I feel better.

It probably has something to do with my running nightmare last night.

I won’t tell you about it, but basically I need to get back to working hard to achieve my goals.

Saturday morning the March Edition of Running for the Fallen was published. Did you have a chance to read it?

Please think about donating in honor of one or all of those men!

We’re halfway to the big goal of the marathon. Marathon Saturday is coming sooner than I like to realize.

Here’s what’s on tap for week 10.

Monday: 8 hilly miles. Core
I did about 4ish before my lungs felt like they were about to burst. My legs felt eh-ok. I made sure to roll after I ran. Hoping that helps for tomorrow.

Tuesday: Strength training. 35 minutes easy running. Core.

Wednesday: Mile repeats. Hopefully my lungs don’t burst. Core.

Thursday: 70 minutes of running. Core.

Friday: 45 minutes easy running. Core.

Saturday: 14 miles. I am really hoping that I can get outside. I am dying to get to run around town.

Sunday: Rest

I am hoping to hit close to 40 miles this week. If I do, I will be feeling really hopeful about the marathon.

And if I’m feeling really lucky, I might get a lot of my runs outside this week. I just have to hope it dries out a little more. Soggy feet and running usually don’t mix well for me.

Have a fabulous week everyone!


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