Running for the Fallen – March Edition

Good Morning Folks!

I’m probably spending some quality time with the treadmill while you’re reading this.

We had a winter storm roll into town yesterday morning. When I got up and left for work there was 3-4 inches on the ground already. It dumped on us all morning and practically snowed all day long. The weather for today has more snow in the forecast plus wind and below 0* temps. Everyday we get these temps I take a peek at the weather currently in Moab and its usually around 60*. I have just continued to dream of running in shorts in 2 short weeks. 🙂

Moab has always been a place we’ve gone back to. This will be my 3rd year running this race.

It never gets old. I know the course. I know what to expect. I know right at mile 10 there is a huge group of people playing drums that gets you those last 3 miles home. I know that those last 3 miles are a gradual uphill with the wind usually blowing right in your face. I know that I don’t start to sprint to the finish when I make that last turn and get my first look at the finishing chute. I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons on this course; and I’m ready to take them all and make it one hell of a race.

I’m excited to be going somewhere other than Colorado.

I’m excited to run with ~3000 of my running friends.

I’m excited to see Aron run another half marathon…even though he hasn’t been training!

I’m excited for my mom to complete another 5 miler in Moab. One step closer to her FIRST half marathon in June!

I’m excited to run this race with my “sister.”

T$ and I

Last year we made plans to run a race together in the winter months since she’s a guide in Alaska. Something about hunting season in the fall?? Pshh.

We had already agreed on Moab before Two Little Feet. But that just make this race even more special!

I’m excited to run for 4 great guys!

3 guys we lost last March.

The 4th guy is near and dear to my family as my dad had worked with him when he worked in Utah.

Scott Morrison of Virginia.


He was the Fire Chief of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Department. He died from a heart attack while fighting a brush fire in March of 2013.

Michael Broz of South Carolina.

Michael Brozsource

He was a volunteer firefighter for the Dorchester County Fire Rescue. He was traveling to a brush fire when he was tragically killed in a car accident in March of 2013.

Jeffrey Scheuerer of New Jersey.

Jeffrey Scheuerersource

He was a firefighter for the New Jersey Forest Fire Service. He was killed when a vehicle struck him while working a controlled burn in New Jersey in March of 2013.

Spencer Koyle of Utah.

Spencer Koylesource

He was employed with the Bureau of Land Management out of Fillmore, UT.

He was killed on the Devil’s Den fire in 2006.

These are 4 great men. Who lost their lives doing what they love.

So I’m doing something I love to honor them!

Please think about donating in honor of them. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers this month. Keep praying for their families and loved ones that they are able to find strength and healing.


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  1. Terry Tilford

    Ashe will their be
    shirt we can buy

    • There isnt yet. There hasnt been any interest in the shirts. Ill put you on the list of “interested” if you would like and if i get enough people to put in another shirt order ill make sure you get one.

  2. Suzanne Flynn

    I love MOAB! It is a place where humans are like ants on the walls of time. A place to feel significant in our insignificance. Our energy is with you! Wish we could be there, the storm just dumped some 4′ drifts in our backyard in Bozeman… LOL spring where are you? Thank you for posting the men you remember. I remember two of them in my dealings in the fire world. Don’t ever stop reminding us who they are!!! Happy Training, luv suzanne

    • Thank you Suzanne! We got a good 12″ here. Then were suppose to warm up. My training this week might be a little soggy. :p

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