Marathon Training Week 9

I skipped a week.

Remember when I spent a weekend refocusing?

I wanted to see if I was feeling down and burned out because I was logging all my stuff. But that was the exact opposite.

I had a glorious couple of runs outside in shorts early last week, but then of course the weather decided that was enough and got cold and snowy. I just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around having to go back into the gym.

I have 3 weeks to go until my Moab race. I’m still working towards that 1:45. That just over 3 minutes off my current PR. 3 minutes doesn’t seem like much; and its really not. All it is is 8 seconds faster per mile. That seems totally doable. Especially since I ran 8 miles outside (without the aid of the treadmill) last Monday and was right at the 8:00/mile mark.

Enough about dreaming of running outside in shorts and a tshirt, because its not happening this week. We got a few inches of snow yesterday and its been snowing on and off and windy here today. Hi-ho hi-ho off to the gym I go.

Week 9:

Monday: 50 minutes speed intervals. Core

Tuesday: Strength. 60 minutes running. Core

Wednesday: 55 minutes of mile repeats. Core.

Thursday: Strength. 45 minutes running. Core.

Friday: 60 minutes running. Core.

Saturday: 2 hours running. Core.

Sunday: rest.

Unfortunately it looks like this whole week is going to be inside on a treadmill.

I love the snow and cold, but I really hate getting a taste of that perfect spring and fall running weather in the middle of the winter. Remember I ran my January race in shorts. It turned out to be around 60* that day.

The other thing I am really looking forward to is it staying light until 9ish at night. When I ran outside on Monday I was able to beat the street lights home. I almost beat the sun before it went behind the mountain too. I think I could get a solid 10 miles in right now after work and still have plenty of light to make it home.

Alrighty, enough blabbing from me!

Be sure to share the donate link! You guys are doing awesome!


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  1. Good luck with your week!! I know you’ll have great workouts!!

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