It’s been a rough week

This week has not gone well on the training front.

I have almost completely fallen off the training bus.

Sunday I raced a half marathon. I’m convinced it was on a steady uphill course, naked to the eye.

 My body felt good, but I was not. I simply could not keep my eyes open. I was just exhausted and drained. So I took the day off.

Tuesday I got to the gym and it was a struggle to stay on the treadmill, but I managed an hour and 7.5 miles. My legs felt amazing.

Wednesday I went to the gym and made it 2 miles before I wanted to stab my eyes out. I tried everything. I tried just watching TV. I tried reading. My legs weren’t totally cooperating either. So I bailed. I know. This should have been perfect time for a mental challenge but I just wasn’t having it.

Thursday I had every hope and dream to run outside. I had my clothes all laid out at home waiting for me so it would be a quick change into them and I could get a semi long run in before it got dark. Then about 330 Hurricane Issac decided to slam Wyoming and it was raining and windy and miserable. I ran to my truck when I left work and drove home to grab clothes to go to the gym. Then I noticed that the driveway was thawing out and so I scraped that for an hour. By then my fingers were swollen and frozen; I went and sat inside to warm up.

Then somehow I got snuggled in and found myself eating snacks. These snacks were not going to help me with my afternoon run. I ended up finding the motivation to go run too late in the day.

That brings us to today, Friday. I have my gym clothes in the truck. But the weather is staying fairly favorable for an outdoor run this afternoon (knock on wood). I’m hoping to force myself into a run this afternoon. I desperately need it.

Tomorrow I have 14 miles on the schedule. I’m so excited for the weekend. I don’t have a dang thing planned. Except my long run.

I WILL be back to hitting the training hard! I’ve only got 30 days to my next half. (PS have you donated yet??)

This morning when I got to work I had a very large display of gorgeous flowers on my desk!


Lilly’s are my absolute favorite!

I hope you all are being spoiled rotten today!



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  1. I hope you have a fantastic run tomorrow!!!!

  2. Don’t let yourself get discouraged, it’s always an individual process to find balance. The best piece of advice I could give in situations like this is to simply step away from time to time and give yourself space from training/running. I completely burnt out back in November because I was obsessed with dedicating every free minute I had to running/racing/thinking about racing. With social media and such, it’s very easy to let yourself get over-consumed with it all because it’s constantly in your face/phone/computer. Every once in a while I make sure to take a day or two away from all the internet traffic and do other things that are important to me. If ever I’m feeling burnt on the act of running, I’ll try to mix it up w/swimming or some other form of cross training which can be fun and break up the monotony. Don’t feel guilty about stepping away from time to time as needed. Rest and reflection are just as crucial to making a person a better athlete. All the best 🙂

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