Marathon Training Week 7

It’s really bad that its Monday and I’m already wishing it was the weekend.

Race weekends I guess will be like that. Even though I’m not at work, I still didn’t get much rest this weekend.

I will hopefully have my recap up later this afternoon for the Ralston Valley Half Marathon.

I don’t feel too sore today. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing that a normal, non-race week, would have. Minor tightness in the calves, but other than that good. I do feel tired. Like exhausted tired (which is why I was hoping it was Friday). I’m going to go to the gym and attempt a nice easy run this afternoon just to get some blood flowing.

We are heading straight into week 7 of marathon training. Only a couple more weeks and we’ll be halfway there.

With each increasing week and each race I complete I get excited about running this marathon.

Here’s what’s on tap for week 7.

Monday: 40 minutes easy running. Core.

Tuesday: 7.5-8 hill miles. Core. Strength.

Wednesday: Mile repeats 45 minutes. Core.

Thursday: Strength. 6.5 miles. Core.

Friday: Easy 6 miles. Core.

Saturday: 14ish miles. (hoping to get this one done outside!) Core.

Sunday: Rest

I don’t plan to push it too hard this week since I raced on Sunday. So if my body starts screaming at me, I might just take a day to relax.

Hope you all have a great week!


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