Fear the hills….


Embrace the hills!

I know this sounds pretty crazy, but lately I have really been loving the idea of hill intervals. I also love the fact that they are usually on Monday. Get them over with for the week!

I seem to be having hill training once a week and even though treadmill running isn’t too thrilling I feel like I can get a solid hill workout in.

Until the snow melts away and I can actually hit some hiking trails, the treadmill will have to do!

Last night I skipped off to the gym sure that I would have no problem finding an empty treadmill at 4:15. I mean, I haven’t yet. I usually beat the after work crowd. But I was wrong and ended up getting really frustrated about it. I had time to complete my whole dynamic warmup and then finally a treadmill opened up. I was in a groove and then I realized I had to go potty. I waited as long as I could and then realized that 3 other treadmills were open so I hurried to the restroom and came back and realized all the treadmills were still available. Thank the Lord. I was not about to have to wait another 10 minutes for a treadmill.

I have completed a couple of different hill workouts. But this one has to be a favorite!

Last night I wanted to focus on hills, but I also wanted to focus on my speed on the hills.

I had an easy warmup of 1.5 miles.

Then I continued with the following sequence.

1.0 mile at 2% incline
(bathroom break)
0.75 mile at 3% incline
0.50 mile at 4% incline
0.25 mile at 5% incline
0.50 mile at 4% incline
0.75 mile at 3% incline
1.0 mile at 2% incline

I finished off trying to hit 7.5 miles in under and hour. After I finished the sequence I had 1.25 miles to finish out and I wasn’t about to quit. I ended up hitting 7.5 in 1:00:47

I finished up dripping in sweat. Literally dripping. IT. WAS. AWESOME!

I foamed rolled when I got home, but knew that I would still end up with sore legs this morning.

It will be nice to get some blood pumping through them this evening. And I may actually just complete a nice strength training session with the Hubs.

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