Marathon Training Week 5

As we cruise into week 5…week 4 we hit some minor speed bumps.

Last Sunday I PR’ed my half marathon on a tough freaking course.

I thought I would wake up Monday morning to sore legs. But surprisingly they felt awesome so I ran.

Tuesday I actually did some strength work since I didn’t have a scheduled run and by Wednesday and Thursday my legs were sore. Definitely from the squats and lunges I completed. Note to self: I will actually be completing strength training.

Wednesday, even though my legs were sore, I completed probably one of the toughest workouts I’ve done in a long time with a very intense hill interval. I will be doing the same thing tonight. Oh boy.

Thursday I easily completed an easy 5 miles.

Friday my legs were a little tight, but once I got them warm I was able to complete one heck of a speed interval. I got off the treadmill feeling awesome. I felt fast. I texted one of my good running friends about my progress. I was simply ecstatic!

Saturday morning came. I went to the gym and then decided I was too impatient to wait for a treadmill. I was secretly hoping I could get the treadmill in front of the tv with ESPN and watch Duke play and get my long run done. I went home, changed into different set of run clothes. It was 45* when I headed out. I immediately knew that this run wasn’t going to turn out well. I had to make the choice to keep going or go home at mile 2. When I hit mile 2 and my legs were tired and tight, I felt defeated. I managed to run home the last mile. I was angry and just disappointed. I felt like if you had seen me out running and then I told you that I ran a personal best on a tough course just a week before you wouldn’t have believed me.


I was less than thrilled about my botched run.

I showered and wasn’t going to let it get to me. I was going to spend quality time with my foam roller later in hopes that it would loosen up my legs and be able to run on Sunday.

Saturday around here was glorious! I think we got close to hitting 60*.

It was even nice enough to take the motorcycle out for a little drive around town.


Sunday, however the weather took a turn for the worse. I wasn’t about to run outside with the wind howling and the roads covered in black ice. The bad thing was the gym didn’t open until noon. I was lazy all morning. My legs felt good though. I was hoping to get to the gym right at noon. But then my tummy decided I shouldn’t be doing anything but lay around all day. I fought with myself to just fight through the pukey feeling, but every time I moved too quickly I was sure I was going to lose my breakfast. So I decided to take an extra day.


It didn’t help my cause much when Chocolate Dog decided to help me feel better by snuggling with me. I always said I wanted a lap dog.

I also reasoned with myself because this week I should be hitting close to 40 miles for the week.

My other goal for the week is to spend time with my foam roller.

Here’s what week 5 looks like:

Monday: 6 hill intervals. Core.

Tuesday: 5 easy miles. Strength.

Wednesday: 6 easy miles. Core

Thursday: Strength. 6.5 miles. Core.

Friday: 3.5 speed miles. Core.

Saturday: 11 miles. Core.

Sunday: Rest

Holy cow….I can’t believe I race again in two weeks.

Look what I finally had time to put on my truck!


Is there any reason why you HAVEN’T donated yet? 13 days to race number 2! I have a goal to hit.

Remember to spread the word!


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  1. Every day challenges! You give me some extra strength to meet my own challenges on a daily basis. Keep up the good work, and I will keep posting stuff reminding everyone on the Wildland Firefighter Training Institute FB page. Hopefully that will help, if nothing else, you know that many more people from around the world are watching. They may not donate now, but give them some time. I hope they will all pitch in when they get to know you! Happy Training! Remember even one new person introduced to the WFF is a grand accomplishment! I’ve been disappointed before trying to raise money. Yours is the long haul. Keep it going….

    • Thank you Suzanne! Seriously. From the bottom of my heart and my Two Little Feet! You guys are what keep me going! Knowing people are out there following my story means the world to me. The fundraising is an added bonus. And of course the ultimate goal is to raise awareness for the WFF!

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