Marathon Training Week 3

I can’t believe we are already rolling through January.

7 days away from race #1 of 2014.

Before yesterday I was feeling a little discouraged. With the holidays and us being gone on most weekends I haven’t been able to get all my long runs in. I did a 10 mile run before Thanksgiving; I felt great but knew I needed one more long run to really feel confident about next weekend.

Last week my training had me running all 6 days. Monday-Saturday. My hip started acting up Wednesday/Thursday ish. I was going to take Friday completely off, but then I felt good by the time I was suppose to head to the gym that afternoon. I attempted a 4 mile run and made it 2.5 before my hip started to ache. So I stopped. I wanted to feel ok to be able to get a long run in on Saturday. The weather was very favorable for a run outside, but with the unknown of my hip I decided to head to the gym. I knew it would be close to torture to run 10+ miles on a treadmill, but knew it would pay off if I had to stop mid way through my run.

I took my tablet with me and had a book ready to read. I propped it up and away I went. The treadmill I wanted was being used, but knew I would have to re-start the treadmill at 60 minutes anyways. I hit 4 miles, and decided to switch treadmills then.

The best things about Saturdays in the winter in the gym is that its almost completely empty and there is always a college basketball game on somewhere. I was going to stop at 6 miles which would have given me a total of 10 for the day. But then I thought for sure I could get in that extra mile under an hour on that treadmill. Then they played a close basketball game and so I decided to stay until the game was over.


I ended up getting just over 11 miles in for the day. No major hip issues.

Walking away from the gym I had that confidence that next weekend will be ok.

It may not be a shiny PR, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I run with my heart and pride to run for the four guys I am dedicating this run to!

Let’s talk week 3.

I’m enjoying a much needed rest day today! Watching some playoff football and getting my house cleaned up. Its still a disaster from Christmas.

Monday – 5 miles. Core.

Tuesday – Strength. 5 miles speed work. Core.

Wednesday – 6.5 miles. Core.

Thursday – Strength.

Friday – Easy 2-3 miles

Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – RACE DAY!

Since I was inside all last week due to a cold and not wanting to get anymore sick I’m really hoping to be able to get out this week.

Right now is as good as any to DONATE!


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