Marathon Training Week 2

I was a little absent for the weekend.

I had a birthday on Saturday and spent my weekend on the slopes of Red Lodge working on another one of my NYR. Learning to snowboard. I’m getting pretty ok. Saturday I started out skiing to really be able to enjoy it and then switched to my board at lunch. There was about 6 inches of new snow and it was snowing on and off all day.

Sunday was well below 0* with wind chill temps hovering around -30*. It was brutally cold. I immediately started out on my board. I haven’t put any new wax on my board and everyone was having troubles going anywhere because of the cold temperatures. We pretty much made a run went in, made a run went in. We were being cautious not to get any frost bite. We left the ski hill about 1230 and drove back to Cody. We drove home last night. I had enough energy to take a shower and then immediately crash. I’m pretty sure I got at least a solid 10 hours of sleep last night.

I started feeling a little under the weather on Saturday morning. I don’t know that I feel much better or worse today. Just been drinking a lot of fluids and taking some medicine.

I’m going to try to make it through week #2.

Here’s whats on tap!

Monday: 2 easy miles to warmup. Strength training. 3 hilly miles. Core

Tuesday: easy 3 miles. Core

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo. Core

Thursday: Strength training. 5 miles. Core

Friday: 40 minutes of intervals. Core

Saturday: Training plans calls for 7, but I will probably try to get 10 since this will be my last long run before my first race of the year.

Sunday: rest day!

I’m just hoping to kick this cold in the next few days so I don’t suffer too much or miss too many workouts.

13 days to race number 1. Have you donated?


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