Meet Sibley

The third and final running buddy that has 4 legs!

Meet little Miss Sibley.

Chocolate Dog

Chocolate Dog

Sibley is a lab/(we think) border collie mix.

Sibley is the result of me being sad from just losing our kitty and spending too much time on facebook on a Sunday. I was home alone and all it took was my husband to say “I guess” when I asked if I could get her. He should have said no. But today, we I couldn’t imagine life without little chocolate dog.

When we first got her I took her out of her first run. I thought this is perfect…she’s a cow dog, she’ll love to run. And she does. She has some serious sprinting speed, and she does well longer term too.


Sibley has gone on all the hiking adventures this past summer.

When we hiked into the Cloud Peak Wilderness it was our first time sleeping with 3 dogs and 2 people in a 2 person tent. Things were tight, but we made it work. We went to summit Bomber Mountain, and that we did. However coming off the mountain Sibley refused to move. We weren’t leaving her up there, so insert plan B.

Catching a ride!

Catching a ride!

We still laugh about this day. Aron claims he doesn’t love Sibley, but this right here proves he does. He was a trooper hauling her down. She kept looking at the 2 blondes like “HAHA I’m getting a ride!” When we got back to camp that night all 3 kids crashed hard. I’m pretty sure a herd of horses could have stampeded right through camp and none of the dogs wouldn’t have heard it.

Chocolate dog has been on a lot of training runs with me. And she gets her day once a week to head out with me.

None of my kids are limited on distance.

Couple weeks ago Sibley joined me and C:/Nerd(Run) on a 10.50 mile run through town.

Chocolate dog loves to run.

Chocolate dog loves to run.

She’s a joy to have around. She’s my little shadow and makes sure to keep big brother and sister in line when needed.

Jaggar, Twogwotee, and Sibley all make sure to keep me as accountable as they can. They usually just give me sad puppy dog eyes when they think they should be running. And I usually feel guilty enough that I take them out.

Hope you all are having a terrific Monday!

Merry Christmas (a couple days early)!


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