My Marathon Dream

Last year I had the opportunity to participate in Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful challenge.

I declared my goal to be finishing a marathon.

I signed up for the Run Crazy Horse marathon in South Dakota.

I put a lot of sweat, tears and hours into training for my first marathon. As the weeks ticked by I was getting ancy and excited to start and finish a marathon. I didn’t have too many goals going into the race, I just wanted to finish. I could always improve my time at a later race.

The week leading up to the race we were under a winter storm warning, but SD wasn’t really expecting to get much from the storm. My big concern was getting to SD from Wyoming if it did snow like crazy.

Thursday night we went to bed and Friday morning we woke to a heavy, heavy wet snow with branches broken off of our tree in our front yard.

The race wasn’t until Sunday, but SD gets weather about a day later than we do so they would be getting this storm Friday into Saturday. Again they were still only calling for a couple inches. The race directors did a fabulous job keeping us all informed.

Aron and I spent Friday cleaning up out yard and driveway from all the downed branches.

We had planned on heading to Hill City on Saturday.

I headed to bed Friday night completely checked out from the race. I didn’t want to have to drive in the snow. The reports I was getting were not favorable for my first marathon. I didn’t want to feel like I was wimping out if I decided not to go the next morning. But I was mad. The Rapid City airport has been closed all day Friday. People all across Wyoming and South Dakota were going on 24 hours without power. People were snowed in every where.

I woke up Saturday morning. The snow was already melting. We had decided that we would wait until afternoon to begin our journey to give the roads a chance to warm and melt a little.

Shortly after 8 am Saturday morning the race was cancelled. I was suddenly extremely disappointed. I had woken up with a completely different attitude and was so ready to tackle 26.2 miles, no matter how much snow there was. I was excited for the story I would be able to tell. Then, in an instant it was all gone.

I support the race directors decision. It was the best they could make. South Dakota ended up getting 3+ feet of snow from Winter Storm Atlas that weekend. People were still without power come that Monday morning.

So my first marathon didn’t go as planned.

I’m hoping 2014 will be better luck.

My marathon dream continues with the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon in Boise, ID in May.

My husband just realized that its the same weekend as our anniversary. Yes, sorry babe we will be driving in a car for our whole anniversary.

Hopefully this will be a Happy Anniversary present to me.

My marathon training kicks in full gear next week. I hope to be able to keep weekly updates here for  you guys and to keep myself accountable for my training also.

Happy Saturday!

Only 4 short weeks to go until race #1. Have you donated yet? Its simple. The instructions to donate are all on the donate page!


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