Meet Twogwotee

Funny name, I know. Pronounced Toe-Go-Tee. Spelled Twogwotee. Shortened to Twogs. Twogees. Twogee Bear (Aron’s love for Yogi and picnic baskets). And Twogee Berra (My love for the Yankees).

For the sake of your sanity. We’ll keep it to Twogs.

Trusty adventure buddy

Trusty adventure buddy


Loving life

Twogs has always been my go to girl. For. EVERYTHING! She’s the oldest of the pups. We’ve gone on many hiking/camping adventures together. She has always been ready to hit the roads and trails with me. She knows what we’re doing when we head up the mountain or I pull out a leash.

Twogs is probably the spunkiest of the 3. She’s definitely got some weird quirks that I just chalk up to her personality.

Some dogs do suffer from anxiety…Twogs is one of them. If we have company over she gets overly excited and won’t ever calm down. Sometimes she’ll pace around and whine non-stop. We’ve solved that problem with a “sissy” coat. Kind of like the thunder shirts they suggest.


She’s a Packers fan too.

I put her new coat on her the other day and she was so calm after wearing it to bed that I had to take it off her to make sure she wasn’t feeling sick. And as soon as I removed it…she was the same hyper, anxious dog that we love. So I put it right back on her.

Twogs runs more my speed for the long term. I usually just loop the leash around my wrist and go. I don’t have to worry about her getting to birdy when we run down the edge of the creek; and ripping my shoulder out.

If it snows or is snowing during my run I have no problem leashing up Twogs and taking her with. She’s usually smiling ear to ear! We’ve only suffered from a frozen paw once, but that’s because we stopped too long to take a picture.

Fresh snow makes for a perfect run.

Fresh snow makes for a perfect run.

Another snowy run shared with Twogs

Another snowy run shared with Twogs

Twogs and I have a run date when I get off this afternoon. That is if she’s awake when I get home. Aron took them all bird hunting this morning.

I’m sure she’ll be ready. She’s always up for a run no matter how exhausted she seems to be.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. Get out there and enjoy the outdoors.


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