Meet Jaggar

You guys have already briefly met my support crew.

Each member of my support crew has something special to offer. Over the next few days I wanted to take a minute to let introduce you to them. Each and everyone has their own attitude and spunky behaviors. Its because of each and everyone of them that I get out there and do what I do.

Jaggar is a 2 year old, male, golden retriever.

Jaggar Bean

Jaggar Bean

Jaggar didn’t start out with me as my go to running buddy. I was always afraid that he wouldn’t be able to keep up and he would get tired too fast. So I honestly never took him on leashed runs. Occasionally we’d head out to a county road and all 3 dogs would get to run and Jaggar would always lead the pack. So I decided to give it a shot with him on a leashed run.

Boy was my assumption about Jaggar never more wrong.

In August we took Jaggar to the vet because he was lame on one of his back legs. At that time he weighed 98 lbs.

I started taking Jaggar for runs pretty consistently come the end of September I would say. It had cooled off enough by then that I felt comfortable taking him out at 4 in the afternoon without worrying if he was going to die of heatstroke.

Jaggar pushes me beyond my normal limit. He has a much faster pace than I do and he only knows that pace. He pulls me around pretty good. When I run with him I consider it a good speed workout. I try to do a warmup with him, but he doesn’t know what that is.

Now that we have snow on the ground and icy roads I haven’t been able to take Jaggar as much because I’m afraid he’s going to pull me down on the slick parts. But…have no fear. I promised Jaggar a run tonight.

And that’s exactly what we did. A nice quiet 3 mile run around our neighborhood.

20131218_162604 20131218_162636

And just as I suspected Jaggar drug me around on the slick parts.

But we made it through without eating snow.

My arms always get a good workout when running with Jaggar too from holding him from pulling so hard.

Its suppose to be highs in the teens tomorrow and maybe some snow, so I’ll probably take my other snow lover with me tomorrow and hopefully log some quality miles.

Have a good HUMP DAY!

Oh and Jaggar’s weight today is sitting right about 78 lbs. 🙂


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