Have I got some exciting stuff to share.

And hopefully I’ll be able to share all of it with you soon.

But first, I was privileged enough to test out a product that I had seen floating around all the social media websites.

Have you guys heard about Energybits?


This comes straight from the Energybits website.

“Best used for:

Increasing Energy
Increasing Endurance
Increasing Mental Vitality
High Protein Snack
Curbing Hunger
Meal Replacement
Balancing Blood Sugar
Lowering Blood Pressure
Reducing Fatigue”

I received them on Wednesday last week. I knew I had a long run planned for the weekend. So I was excited to give them a shot.

I’ll tell you what. I will swear by these things.

I took 30 little bits about 15 minutes before I headed out.

I couldn’t believe how strong I felt for longer in my run. I still took in some calories to get me home, but I took in less calories than normal. I just didn’t feel like I needed them. I didn’t change anything else up. No more or less food for breakfast. Same gels that I always fuel with. But I just felt absolutely fantastic this whole run.

Where I really noticed the difference was post run.

Typically I like to come home and curl up on the couch for a nice nap. I usually just feel so exhausted. I almost always force down a protein smoothie. Does anyone else not want to eat after a long run or a race?

When I got home I stretched, jumped in the shower and cleaned up. Got some lunch after the shower and sat down on the couch to watch some football. I figured I wouldn’t last long and would be out before I knew it. To my surprise I never took a nap that afternoon. I felt more alert, more awake and overall just better.

I slept like a champ that night and felt fantastic waking up. No sore or achy muscles. I really honestly didn’t feel like I had done a long run the day prior. I usually take the day after a long run to rest, stretch and foam roll my muscles, but I was itching to go for a run!

I can’t wait to continue to use these for my runs and training for 2014!

Be sure to check them out!

Mom, Dad, Husband, Sister….I would like to add these late to my Christmas list please. I need more ASAP 🙂

**Disclaimer: I was provided these from Energybits to review. All opinions are my own.


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