Hey Guys!

Sorry I’ve been absent.

I sometimes fight with myself about posts.
Do I really write about all my runs? Do I just only post when it fully pertains to the WFF?

I still don’t know.

So bare with me while I truly find my vision here. I know once I really hit race season, I think I’ll be able to find topics. I’ll have travel fun to and from races, I’ll have some adventures in between; I’ll have race recaps. Just hold on with me until we get there.

Currently we are under a winter weather advisory; and its fully delivering. I had an easy, quick 3 miler on the schedule. And I knew I needed to get it in tonight. There was no way I was bailing.

Some of you may have seen this picture post on my Instagram.

Hello Winter Weather

Hello Winter Weather

It was pretty easy to talk a big game while I was sitting inside.

I had a few errands to run after I got off, but I knew that I couldn’t dink around. When I was out and about the wind was bitterly could and I knew that I was only worried about my face getting cold while I ran.

I got home and fought with myself back and forth about going or not going. Then I realized the longer I fought with myself, the more daylight I was losing, so I searched for all my cold weather gear; I suited up, grabbed Twogees and we were off.

We had a headwind for the first 0.25 of a mile and I really thought about turning around because I didn’t want to get frostbite. I immediately thought that I need to brush up on my frostbite 101 too. As soon as we turned to head west (we were heading north) the headwind became a welcomed tailwind only because I didn’t have to worry about my face freezing off. The wind was never a noticeable factor with my speed.

The snow was falling just lightly, we were losing light, but Twogs and I were enjoying our time together. When we pass barking dogs or other people walking and Twogs doesn’t acknowledge them I make sure she knows that’s exactly what she’s suppose to do. A couple of times I called her name and she would look back at me; I could just tell she was having a blast out there! I could literally see a smile on her face. Sure, every time we go for a run, she’s smiling, but I felt like tonight she really enjoyed it.


I didn’t set any speed records out there, heck I don’t even know my total time and I don’t care. I really enjoyed my time running even if the weather channel told me it was balls sack cold.

I was never cold throughout my body. My face was only a little chilly when we started. We did turn back into the headwind right after mile 2 (of 3 miles) and it didn’t get cold again. I actually broke a pretty serious sweat. I can never get the layers down right. I’ll get it figured out eventually. Twogees did, however, experience a frozen paw (excuse the blurry cell phone camera photo). We were completely done and she just sat down and lifted her paw like this.


Next week is Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more excited to have a few days off to spend with my family. Last year, Aron and I only had Thursday before I had to be back to work on Friday. So this year will be AWESOME!

I convinced Mom and Dad to run a Thanksgiving day race. It really didn’t take much convincing. They were all up for it. I was going to wait until tonight to ask Aron if he wanted to participate, but I couldn’t wait and I just signed him up for the 5k and I’m in for the 10k. I’m excited to see where I’m at.

Have you donated to the Foundation yet? Why not? What are you waiting for?! Every little bit counts! You just wait for 2014 and I’ll really start pestering you.


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