My Support Crew

Every athlete has a support crew.

Often times these are people who take a back seat to the glory that the athlete gets. They are like the stage crew of a play. Or all the volunteers you see at races.

I know what these people mean.

I have an awesome support crew.

I come up with some crazy ideas…like running a race per month for 2014; but no matter what I come up with, my crew is up for the challenge.

My #1 has to be my husband, Aron.

He’s usually pretty ready to jump into any adventure I come up with.

Earlier this year we made a backpacking trip into the wilderness in the Bighorns. We had a goal to summit Bomber Mountain. We took the same trip last year, but weather stopped us from summiting. This year was a different story. We were able to summit with all 3 fur-kids, but we hit a snag coming down which led to Aron carrying Chocolate Dog off the mountain.

Chocolate dog gets a ride down the mountain.

Chocolate Dog gets a ride down the mountain.

He was a trooper taking her down; and she was completely thankful when we got back onto the real trail.

Aron runs some. He’s done a couple half marathons and some 5ks and 10ks, but he just hasn’t found the love and passion for it yet. He occasionally joins me on runs. If they’re short and slower paced he’ll run. If they’re longer he’ll ride a bike with me while I run.

The Other Half 2012

The Other Half 2012

My parents come right behind Aron in the support.

Been with me since my first half.

My mom was there with me when I started and finished my first half marathon. She has always been ready to contribute to my crazy ideas. A few days after I launched Two Little Feet she was calling me with all sorts of ideas…t-shirts, posters, etc.

My mom has been on a few of my training runs with me. Earlier this year she met me on the mountain at zero dark thirty to keep me company and safe on a 12 mile jaunt I had. She rode my mountain bike while I ran.

Mom and Dad

Any time we can, we all meet on the Bighorns to get some activity under our belts. It could be hiking in the spring, Christmas tree hunting, snowshoeing or skiing in the winter.

Both my parents are still in wildland fire, so our summers are usually non-existent, unless of course we’re meeting each other somewhere out there on the fireline.


Mom and Dad run races too. Our annual race tends to be the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab in March. Dad ran the very first one back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and so it’s always fun to keep going back to that one. I don’t think I’ve ever ran a more pretty road race!

The Other Half 2012

The Other Half 2012

Mom made the mistake of telling me she wanted to do a half marathon once. Well Mom, DONE!

This year Mom and I will run the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon together in Deadwood, SD in June. Now you really can’t bail Momma!

Dad just asked me today “Do any of your races have 5ks or 10ks with them?” I’m absolutely thrilled that he wants to run too! I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. It will bring lots of miles, smiles and new shoes! 🙂

My little sister, Eddie has always been a big supporter and reminder of my uncle. She was named after him. My parents named her Eddie Michelle in case when she got older she didn’t like Eddie, but I couldn’t imagine calling her anything BUT butthead Eddie.


I hope to see her out there this year! Whether it be running or spectating!

Of course my fur-kids always are ready to support my running addiction.

Chocolate dog loves to run.

Chocolate dog loves to run.


My pack of fur-kids

Twogwotee is always happy to get in some miles.

Twogwotee is always happy to get in some miles.

I can’t wait to log some miles with everyone on the support crew this coming year. There will be plenty of miles to go around.




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