Good Practice

Happy Monday everyone!

If only GEICO would come out with a commercial for Mondays as catchy as the Hump Day commercial for Wednesdays, we’d probably all look forward to Monday a little more…or probably not.

The weekend in Wyoming was gorgeous to say the least. I got in some perfect easy miles on Sunday with my husband and one of the fur-kids.

Shared runs make the best runs.

Shared runs make the best runs.

We caught an afternoon matinee at the theatre and made it home with plenty of time to spare to watch Sunday Night Football.

Go Packers!

Go Packers!

This morning of course brought the work week.

We have been under a winter weather advisory since this morning. It has been a little chilly with some wind. Its been snowing on and off all day. I had 3 miles planned for this afternoon and I was wishing it would just keep snowing. I love running in the snow. There is just something super peaceful and calm. Everything is so quiet.

But as my luck would have it, it wasn’t snowing when I took off with my big boy Jaggar for a quick jaunt. It was just cold with a slight breeze.

One of the biggest rules that I have learned in my short running career is to run in all conditions. Sure its fantastic to have no wind, plentiful sunshine, perfect temps. But realistically it probably won’t happen on race day. With some of my races happening in the winter months this is the perfect time to test out what to run in with what temps so I know what to wear or not to wear come race day. Let’s just hope it doesn’t dump 3 feet of snow and cancel any races like Winter Storm Atlas did to me when I was suppose to run my first marathon at the beginning of this month. I still curse you Atlas!

This afternoon was probably mid 30s with a wind chill in the 20s. I was plenty warm the entire 3 mile loop. I actually think I could have worn lighter layers. The ground was went from the snow that had melted from earlier in the day. I found myself looking for puddles to run through; I was having that much fun out there.

My body does so much better in the cooler weather and I am ready to welcome more cooler fall runs with open arms.

I’m also ready to welcome more snow with open arms…so far this winter weather advisory has produced no accumulation of snow.


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