When The Going Gets Tough

The tough keep running.

I think its safe to say that Fall has fully arrived in Wyoming.

I’m ok with that. I love the changing of the season; and I don’t mind what’s coming after Fall. I love the cold and snow.

I got home from work this afternoon and immediately changed into running clothes. Originally I had planned to drive to the park and warm up and do my hill repeats. But anything in Sheridan isn’t too far away so I took my two little feet to the street and was plenty warm before I got to the park and was able to easily transition into the hill repeats.

I’m still learning the proper way to do hill repeats. I figured, for now, as long as I’m dying, in a good way, by the time I get to the top I’m doing something right.

I think tonight’s workout was one of the hardest I’ve done in a long time. As crazy as it sounds…I think I’d rather run 18 miles. Sure I was exhausted at the end, but I didn’t ache nearly as much as I do right now. HOLY QUADS!


The pictures NEVER do anything justice, but this is the bottom of the hill.

The first intervals are always good indications of where I should be aiming. When I hit 0:58 to get to the top for the first one I pushed myself to stay under 1 minute for the 5 remaining repeats. By the last one I was shot. My legs were jello coming back down the hill.

After I finished the last one I really rested at the top. All the other repeats I immediately turned around and jogged back down the hill.

The view at the top was worth the extra rest taken.


Looking out over the town. The crisp air and the perfect silence. I could have sat up here for a little while, except I started to shiver soon enough and decided it was time to get my butt working again and head home for the night.

6 hill repeats in the book.

Hope you all are enjoying this day in October.

It is after all HUMP DAY!


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