The Last Empty Weekend

For the next 14 1/2 months my life is going to be more dedicated to running than it ever has been. I’m going to eating, sleeping, and thinking running for more hours of the day than a normal person would.

That’s why I haven’t worried to terribly much about training this past weekend. Even though I should with a 10k in December and the first half marathon of my journey coming in January. Just 13 shorts weeks away.

Friday night I had family in town. My cousin plays football for a high school out of Casper and they were in town playing our local high school. My sister came to town to attend the football game also. Even though I hardly see this part of the family I still love them and am proud of each and everyone of them! Watching my cousin play football made me so proud to be related to him. To know him. If I thought about it too much I got slightly emotional, which only leads me to believe that 2014 may be a very emotional (in a good way) year.

me and trev

Saturday morning we all slept in until 8ish. My sister headed back for Casper that morning. My husband was out hunting. So what does any good wife who’s home alone for a Saturday do? I snuggled in with one of the dogs and we took a nice long nap. I have a feeling my nap taking days are going to be numbered so I enjoyed it to the full extent.

I have been battling a sore foot. Not sure where it came from. It kind of started aching out of nowhere. So I was going to take a few days off to hopefully let it heal up. So initially I chose to take Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off.

Then came Sunday. I was in bed until 10am. I was going to run 6ish easy miles just to keep the mental aspect of running still there. I was waiting for the weather to clear. But anyone who’s anyone knows how bi-polar the weather in the Rockies can be in the fall and the spring. One minute it was raining, the next minute it was sunny, the next minute it was blowing and hailing like crazy. We saw just about all 4 seasons yesterday.

So I just bagged my run and stayed snuggled in with the pups and watched football.
All. Stinking. Day!

I did at least think about running. I figured it would be a good idea to at least try and make a little training plan for the first half. It’s a good thing I did, because we are 12 weeks out from the first race of 2014! I’ve never raced in back to back months. So this will all be a giant learning experience for me. I figured if I can get into half marathon shape and stay there I’d be happy. I may think a little more seriously about a REAL training plan come marathon time in May, but there’s still a lot of time until then.

Taking it one race at a time.


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